Roles of a Criminal Defense Attorney

There are two things I hate in life, getting arrested and taken to court. In either scenario, everything looks pale since the odds are ever against you. Without the perfect support structure, you might as well get locked up in jail. That is when it dawns on you that you need a criminal defense attorney and fast.


In principle, the Best Hayduk Brock criminal defense attorney is highly skilled in representing your interests in front of a judge or magistrate. When you get arraigned in court, the lawyer battles all the allegations directed to you and even tries to prove your innocence. Sometimes, an attorney might win a case in your favor or lose it in equal measure.

When it is time for the pretrial hearings, the chattanooga criminal defense attorney takes your side amidst being in the presence of the judge, plaintiff, and other lawyers. Since such a lawyer is ever working in your favor, he tries to settle a disagreement way before the trial begins. If successful, a case gets prevented from proceeding to trial.


Assuming that the pretrial hearings bore fruit, both you and the plaintiff side attend several conference meetings that give you time to sit down, discuss, and come up with a mutually agreeable resolution, all in the presence of your criminal defense attorney.

In some instances, things go sideways, and you hit rock bottom. During the pretrial hearings, either party might decide that a case should proceed to court. That is when a date for trials gets set, and you and your advocate get summoned to court. In the courtroom, your defense attorney presents your case to the judge and jury and tries to

convince them otherwise.


At times, you defense advocate reveals some rather compelling evidence that might prove your innocence. If the need arises, witnesses get summoned to take the stand to explain what transpired the day you got accused of committing a crime. Gathering all these witnesses is solely the responsibility of your advocate. After all, he is the one with the technical know-how of dealing with such cases.


After the trial, your case proceeds to a sentencing hearing. It is at this stage that your advocate offers the courtroom with some rather inspiration closing remarks meant to sway the response of the judge and jury in your favor. If lucky, your case gets overruled all thanks to your advocate. As it stands out, the criminal defense attorney is your best line of defense.

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