Picking Your Criminal Defense Attorney

In matters courtrooms, one of the most compelling things is the battle of wits between a criminal defense lawyer and a prosecutor. Owing to how interesting this battle has been, television shows, books, as well as video games have revolved around these individuals.


However, sometimes reality catch up with people making the criminal defense attorney to be left in the fictional pages but have to become players in the real world. After getting accused of a crime, more so one that you did not commit, you would want to have a situation where you are represented by a good lawyer who will be capable of handling your case. These are the professionals who have the capability of defending and representing you properly in a court.


Getting a great lawyeris not simple like normally portrayed on the television, books and even in the video games. There are plenty of qualification which you ought to study to ensure that you get the ideal lawyer to cater to your needs. The following are some of the ways of choosing a great lawyer.


To begin with, you need to check the background of the attorney before proceeding with choosing the attorney. Check whether they passed the bar for the state in which they are practicing the law. Also, you need to confirm their academic qualifications and achievements. Also, you need to look at the success rate in their previous cases. Most importantly, you can check whether they have handled cases which are similar to yours. The best way of getting this information is asking questions. Start with asking how long they have been in the law practice, the number of cases they have handled and also look for information on the amount they charge for the cases.


Also, you need to look at the specialty of the attorney. Some specialize in a given field of the law such as petty crimes, drunk driving, and even murder. It is usually a great idea to pick a chattanooga felony drug charge lawye that has succeeded in the area where your cases fall under.


You also need to consider how comfortable you feel with the chattanooga felony drug charge lawyer handling your case. Check whether they strike you as trustworthy people and whether they can handle your case well. One of the ways to determine that is judging by the way they are answering your questions, returns the phone calls and whether you get their timely updates regarding the case.

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